Books & Papers by, and published by, Dr. Brenda Gael McSweeney

  • Patriarchy, Power, and Paradox: Dreaming Gender Equality & Development in South Asia, 2060. By Dr. Brenda Gael McSweeney and Dr. Shahla Haeri. Boston: for the Pardee Center for the Study of Longer-Range Future, Boston University (available at Anthem Press).
  • Women of Vision: Brighton Allston Women’s Heritage Trail Guide by members of the Women’s History Group, founded and chaired by Dr. Brenda Gael McSweeney, Editors: Dr. William P. Marchione and Dr. Linda Mishkin.
  • Burkina’s Women Shape Progress/Les femmes du Burkina façonnent le progrès by Dr. Brenda Gael McSweeney and Scholastique Kompaoré. UNESCO Paris Gender Mainstreaming Portal, 2008.
  • Grassroots Women Gaining a Voice/Les femmes font entendre leur voix au niveau local. By Dr. Brenda Gael McSweeney and Jennifer Hilda Frisanco. UNESCO Paris Literacy Portal, 2006.